Comment Policy

Before you leave a comment, please have a read of this policy.

All first-time commenters will go straight to moderation.

I welcome:

  • Hearty debates
  • Interesting discussion
  • Swearing
  • Shows of support or solidarity
  • Links to relevant articles, including posts on your own blog
  • Witty remarks


  • if you claim there are only two genders
  • if you engage in gender essentialism or evo psych
  • if you say that people can get better/thinner/healthier “if they just put their minds to it” or “think positively”
  • if you troll or abuse
  • if you claim that trans* people aren’t really the gender they are
  • if you misgender someone
  • if you are ableist, racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic, ageist, sizeist or otherwise a complete douchenozzle

I reserve the right to edit, not publish, or block you. Although I won’t ill out the ban-hammer unless I must.

Please try to be civil, and please try to include trigger warnings where necessary.
Other than that, have fun!


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