Posted by: PharaohKatt | 21-12-2011

Summer Holidays Pt 1: Holiday Traditions

It will come as no surprise to those of you who know me that I don’t celebrate Christmas. I am a Pagan and as such Christmas is not one of “my” holidays. However, my family celebrates, and LM’s family celebrates, so we inevitably end up celebrating with them.

There are various traditions that our families have which we take part in. For example, my mothers family has a gathering each year (not on Christmas day) where everyone brings heaps of food and we exchange gifts in a secret santa. LM’s family meet on Christmas eve and light sparklers while saying “feliz navidad!”.

Most of these celebrations stress me out and frustrate me. I am not a very social person and I find myself storing up as many spoons as I can just to survive. I also end up drinking to help ease the stress that socialising can give me. No, I’m not proud of that, but it stops me from doing even more destructive things.

Despite all this there is one tradition I actually find myself looking forward to. I didn’t realise how much I enjoyed it until last year, when I found myself giggling incessantly as I thought about it. My favourite thing about the summer holidays is gift giving with my immidiate family.

It’s not the presents themselves that make the event fun (though, hey, who doesn’t like getting new shit?). It’s the wrapping. You see, my family has this strange tradition when it comes to wrapping presents.

It started as a money saving measure. Wrapping paper was expensive, so we would wrap our presents in old newspaper or a sheet or towel. Somehow this involved into the weird prank-fest that surrounds our giving today. We’ll wrap our presents in layers. We’ll cover the presents in duct-tape to try and make them ludicrously hard to open. We’ll bury presents in dirt. We’ll give gifts that are clues to quests to find presents.

We get up at oh-fuck o’clock in order to be finished in time for my parents to go to church; it takes a very long time to get everything finished. It’s gotten a lot more fun since my younger siblings grew up because now our conversation is almost adult (I say adult because it’s also terribly juvenile :P). Basically, terrible fart jokes have been replaced with terrible sex jokes. Because we’re grown-ups now!

This is easily my favourite holiday tradition.



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