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What do you mean “Valuing Diversity”?

Backstory: I have just finished my first week of Prac; the final assessment where I am in control of an entire room for five weeks (though I am going to run it for six).

Today while I was in the staff room doing my paperwork I overheard two of the qualifieds, one from my room and one from the toddler room, talking about my program. Let’s call them Qualified and Douche. They were talking in hushed voices but I could still hear them. I tried not to listen, and went back to my study, but it really upset me and made it hard to concentrate.

Afterwards, before Qualified went home, I confronted her about it. She said yes, Douche had made some comments to her about it and was giving her views. Qualified doesn’t agree with all of them, this is mine and Qualified’s room, and Douche was sticking her nose where it did not belong.

Then she said that Douche had some “concerns” about me talking to the children about Yule yesterday, and didn’t realise that I had already spoken to Qualified about it. Apparently Douche was worried that I was pushing my views onto the children.

Let’s break down all the fail, shall we?

First there is the talking about me behind my back. I know enough about Douche to know that this is not the first time it’s happened. I also know enough about her to know that once she gets started on a topic it’s very, very hard to shut her up.
Douche had a perfect opportunity to talk toe about her concerns. She was in the room with me all day, she could easily have taken me aside and asked me up front about it.

Instead she went behind my back to the “higher authority”, without any regards to my feelings.

Then there’s the religious discrimination. Yes, that is what it is.

I had already spoken to Qualified about what I wanted to talk about, and about the limitations of what I could mention.

I said that Yule was the longest night of the year, and special to me. I said that some of the ways I celebrate are dancing, listening to special music (and I played some), eating special food, and burning a Yule Log. I said it was to celebrate the end of winter, and the days getting longer.

I didn’t talk about the religious aspects of it. I didn’t talk about the Gods and Goddesses I follow, and how I worship them. I didn’t mention ritual or my alter. What views, exactly, am I pushing on the children?

Let’s not forget that at the centre we celebrate Christmas and Easter despite the fact that there are children with Atheist and Buddhist families.

Let’s not forget that we celebrate birthdays despite the fact that we have children with Jehovah’s Witnesses families.

Let’s not forget that we celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day despite the fact that not all the children have both parents or live with their parents.

And Douche has complained β€” at length β€” about new laws which forbid us from celebrating Christmas and Easter!
No, clearly none of that matters. That’s just Australian Culture, right? But a Pagan speaking in general terms about one of her holidays? That’s pushing her views on the children!

And I was having such a nice day, too.



  1. Well you know, mentioning Yule, some bright kid might make the connection with Christmas, and start asking awkward questions about where traditions came from and might find out that people believe, you know, stuff what is different to them. Then who knows where that might lead? Questioning? Independent thought? It’s the thin edge of the wedge!

    I’m sorry you had to put up with that crap – I don’t share your faith, but I do observe some of the rituals, because I find them deeply moving and personally helpful. Learning about all faiths can only be helpful to everyone.

    Besides, who doesn’t want some extra celebrations? Especially little kids!

  2. Douche is is an appropriate name… πŸ˜›
    Some people just suck…. try not to let it bother you, clearly the person actually in charge doesn’t mind


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