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DC Reboot Link Round-Up

I’d like to talk about the DC reboot, specifically about how hurt I am with Barbara Gordon Beijing Batgirl once more, but I’m not a DC person, and not very familiar with the DCU. So instead I’ve collected some links about the issue that I think you should read.

ORACLE is Stronger Than BATGIRL Will Ever Be by Jill Pantozzi at Newsarama.

“While Batman is my all-time favorite character in comics, he’s not the first person I look to when I need to be reminded to keep fighting in this world. For that I look to Oracle.”

Following that, Gail Simone had a conversation with Jill Pantozzi about the Barbara Gordon reboot.

On Another Site:
DC Reboots, We React by Emma, Angel and Dee at Girls Read Comics Too

“So. DC has officially confirmed suspicions that yet again, they’ll be rebooting the DCU with the conclusion of the Flashpoint event in September along with the move to day and date digital releases to match the shipping dates of physical comics.”

Also from that site we have

Emma Speculates on the Post Flashpoint DCU, Puts Her Fist Through A Wall by Emma

“Moving on, I’ve got to say that so far I’m very very concerned about the future of the Bat titles. It’s no secret that part of the Flashpoint fall out is that the core heroes in the DCU are going to be de-aged, which has set a lot of Bat fans on edge because of the possible consequences a younger Bruce could have on the existence of Damian, Cassandra, and Stephanie.”


DCU Where Are You? Or Dee Thinks Things About The Relaunch by Dee

“From a marketing perspective I understand DC’s slow release of information about the September re-launch. It keeps them in the news for longer, keeps fans talking and means that nothing gets glossed over or missed. From the perspective of a fan, I’m not so keen.”

Batgirl Triumphant: The Price Of Restoring DC Comics’ Disabled Heroine by Andy Khouri at Comics Alliance.

“This aspect of DC’s plan is particularly emotional for longtime readers who are painfully trying to reconcile their excitement over the restoration of what is arguably the publisher’s most beloved heroine with the fact that Barbara Gordon, presently operating as the hacker Oracle, represents a segment of comic book readership and society at large that is routinely ignored in virtually all media: the disabled and those with long-term illnesses that impair mobility.”

(Unfortunate use of the term “The disabled” here :/)

Why Rebooting Batgirl Is A Terrible Idea by Debi H Linton at Thagomizer.

“Let me give you a quick run down of why this is a terrible idea:


Read and enjoy!



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