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WASFF Accessibility Policy Part One: Proposal

Hello everyone! How are you on this fine day?

I’ve been struggling with this post for a while, partly due to y own anxieties and partly due to my general lack of knowledge. But I know that many of my readers are disability activists who have done this sort of thing before.

A lot of issues were raised at Swancon this year with regards to accessibility. To those of us with disabilities this came as no surprise, but finally something happened that was so bad that other people are paying attention. About damn time too!
I can (and will, damn it!) make the Swancon I run be as accessible as possible but that won’t actually fix the problem. The problem is systematic and requires a precedent set that all Swancons should follow.

Thus, I believe that WASFF needs to formally adopt an accessibility policy. So I am here to get help from the community in writing a proposal for them to do just that. This has two parts to it; the first is to write the proposal, the second is to write the policy. In order to not have Text Wall Of Doom, I will be having these as two different posts.

The Proposal Please help me write this, I’ve not written a proposal before!
I propose that the Western Australian Science Fiction Foundation formally adopt an Accessibility policy. This policy should be considered a regulation?by-law?what? that each of its conventions is held accountable to.
The wording of the policy to be as follows:
(policy goes here)

At the moment, it sound flat. And kind of silly. Help please?



  1. I’m really interested in Quiltbag issues. I must say i have never heard of this term before.

    A panel on this next year would be interesting.



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