Posted by: PharaohKatt | 05-02-2011

There is nothing feminist about hating women.

Ranting Ahead
This morning i read this post by Sady Doyle and this follow-up by Jill at Feministe. I’m not just disappointed by this. I’m fucking livid.

There is nothing feminist about hating women. I’m going to say that again. There is nothing feminist about hating women.

Don’t like someone’s music? Fine. Write a blog post about how much you can’t stand the music. Think someone’s music is sexist or otherwise kyriarchical? Fine. Write a post about how their music reinforces kyriarchy.

But to go out and say you hate a woman, because you don’t like the way she presents herself? Because she’s trying to be both sides of the unfucking patriarchal woman-dichotomy? That’s not cool. Not cool at all.

I get it, I do. You think she’s bad for women everywhere because she’s trying to fit in with what kyriarchy wants her to be (which we all know is contradictory, because no matter what you can’t win). You know what? Plenty of women do that. Plenty of feminists do that, or have we all forgotten the blog-wars fought over whether or not feminists “should” wear makeup, shave, diet, whatever-the-unfuck.

These are “big name” feminists, the ones that younger feminists look up to. To write blog-posts about how you’re justified in your hatred of women because of feminism isn’t just wrong, it’s unfucking irresponsible!

There’s a word for the hatred of women: misogyny. I certainly don’t want any of that shit in my feminism; do you?

– Pharaoh Signing Off



  1. PharaohKatt, your position is better explained here than in your feministe comment, I think.

  2. Sady definitely did not write that post. That’s not even her tumblr! This was a nasty parody of her writing by someone (anti-feminist troll most likely) sending her up. From what I understand about Sady’s position on the subject, she’s always been *against* that kind misogynist labelling. And she’s never really cared much for the so-called ‘authentic sexuality’ that the radfems bang on about. For her real view–a vastly more nuanced take than that pathetic parody–See here:
    It is *sad* that Jill thought that disgusting tumblr screed was real, though.

  3. Um, that last line should read it *is* sad, with the emphasis placed on ‘is’ rather ‘sad.’ I wasn’t being nasty, I swear!

  4. Chakotay: is there anything you can show me to back up your claim that it isn’t a real account? I haven’t seen anything that would lead me to believe that.


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