Posted by: PharaohKatt | 05-01-2011

Girls And Boys Are Different!!!

I was flicking through a parenting magazine at work (I should really say “white mothering magazine” but that’s a different post)… when I came across this ad:

Description: an advertisement featuring a photo split in half. One one side is a presumed male child in a blue room full of dinosaurs, holding a sword and wearing a pirate hat. On the other side is a presumed female child in a pink room wearing a ballerina dress and holding a purple wand.

Caption reads: HUGGIES Nappies. Because there iS a difference.

Smaller font at the bottom: Boys and girls are different. That’s why HUGGIES Nappies have tailored absorbency, with a unique surge layer, where each needs it most… in the front for boys and lower down for girls.

Let’s break down this ad into its messages! Drink every time you yell “I blame the kyriarchy!” or “FAIL!”

1: girls have vulvas and boys have penises
2: pink is a girl colour and blue is a boy colour
3: boys like things like dinosaurs and trucks and fighting and reading
4: girls like things like fairies and rainbows and ballerinas and teddies
5: apparently liking trucks or fairies changes the type of Nappies children need to wear

I mean, seriously, what the Hell? Why are we still seeing ads for this bullshit binary? And really, nappies? They’re using pink and blue to sell nappies!?

Look; I change nappies every damn day. Let me tell you, the contents on a child’s pants does not alter depending on if there’s a penis or a vulva there. The poo is still at the back, the wee is still at the front, and it still smells horrible when a kid has a tummy bug.

– Pharaoh Signing Off



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